We take this opportunity in introducing our consulting company to you and appreciate your willingness to know more about us. MAFOPOGO LABOUR LAW CONSULTING & IR TRAINING is a BEE company which was established in August 2003. This company renders professional consulting services to employers in all fields of Labour/emplyment law and industrial relations, both in private and public sectors. The Company's areas of specific expertise lie in inter alia, strategic advice in dealing with wage negotiations, Work place restructuring, Consultatons in retrenchments, CCMA/Bargaining Councils and Labour courts representations, Chairing internal Disciplinary hearings and supply of temporary services staff.

The Managing Director of Mafopogo Labour Law Consulting, having served for Cosatu affiliated trade unions for more than a decade and been a Senior consultant for well known Tony Healy & Associates, has a good track record in training Managers and Supervisors in Companies regarding how to handle proper Disciplinary hearings, Grievances and other related industrial relations matters.